How the #nofilter hashtag helped
people with no water filters.


#nofilter is one of the biggest hashtags on Instagram. And 1 billion people in the world don’t have access to clean water because they have no filters.


To bring attention to the global water crisis and help those in need, we filtered all #nofilter posts on instagram and converted them into clean water.

Original post

One billion people in the world have NO water FILTERS, thus no access to clean water. But we can change that starting today on #worldwaterday. Repost this, or create your own #nofilter post. For every #nofilter post on Instagram (past and present), one gallon of clean water will be made accessible by @wavesforwater teams around the world.

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results on social media

Thousands got involved, including athletes, artists, celebrities and even some brands.

Red Bull linked us from their profile page and Hurley
created a t-shirt, converting sales into filters.

The already popular #nofilter hashtag saw
its highest peak on World Water Day.

Our fan base more than doubled, which means more people willing to change the world.

results on the frontline

More than 1000 filters implemented in 12 countries:
116 million #nofilter posts are now filtered.

w4w filter solutions

Our filters are effective and easy to use.
Each one can provide 100 people with clean water for up to 5 years,
which is about 1 million gallons of clean water.